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We are the only source with the book that proves the Biblical story of creation is literally in sync with the concepts of modern science!

We accomplished this by translating Genesis 1 within the rules of Biblical Hebrew grammar.

ALSO many other Biblical issues and enigmas are addressed.

Discoveries in the field of religion that will affect Western civilization’s both secular and religious people. The secular will see proof of Bible claims and the religious would no longer need blind faith.

“SCIENCE PROVING CREATIONISM” provides the proof that only a Supreme Power could have given the Bible to Moses as it would have been humanly impossible for Moses, 3500 years ago, to have known of every basic detail of the creation story-and in their exact chronological order- when modern science is only now within the last 75 years beginning to figure it out.

Myths debunked


Science & Bible are adversaries


Bible does not mention dinosaurs


Blind faith needed to believe


Creation story can not be proved


Bible says no Sun until Day 4

Interesting tidbits

Einstein provided the scientific explanation of how 6 ‘cosmic’ 24 hour days was the exact equivalent of 4.54 billion years of Earth time using the same clock.

Did you know the Koran states ‘the Promised Land’ is to belong to the Children of Israel?

The 2 lessons that the Garden of Eden parable taught

Modern science agrees we did not evolve from apes

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